The Road to Jericho





"The Road to Jericho" is the path to the privy (outhouse).  The original structure was retrieved from across the creek in 1931, according to the Cabin log:

"January 17 & 18, 1931:  The purpose of this trip is to give the Cabin its first honest-to-goodness cleaning. We stayed overnight at The Beartrap. Got there about 9pm, made beds, ate and tumbled into bed at midnight.  Next morning we got up fairly early, about 7:30 - breakfasted, cleaned up and packed bag and baggage down to our own Cabin. On the way down we saw that the Jerry that has been laying by the creek for so long was still there. We cleaned and swept and aired the Cabin and polished the stove.  About dusk we decided that we would bring the remains of Jerry over to our property. Says us "He has been there long enough - 'tis time we gave him a spot to call his own". He was bigger than we thought and much heavier, so we carried him over the creek in sections. We almost dropped him in the creek several times but he just squeaked a little, then shut up. It was just dark when we reverently leaned his last section against the Cabin. That was a long ride for the old fellow so we left him there to rest - we don't know for how long."

   'Jerry' - 68 years later......

  Pete, Ernie, and Tony decide a few repairs, a new door, and a coat of paint are needed.

  Auntie Pat makes an 'inspection tour'.


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