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On July 19, 2000, Jody and Dennis sold Lonergan's Pack Station to Kim Kelley and her sons Ben, Scott, and Patrick.  Jody and Dennis had owned the pack station for 15 years.  

The name of the pack station has changed to We Um Attaxxum Pack Station at Xoxamongna (pronounced Way' Um Uh Tah' Hum Pack Station at Ho' Ha Mong' Nah).  The name is in the Tongva language and means "Pack Station for the people at Xoxamongna" (the Place of the Bear).....the traditional Tongva name for the San Gabriel Mountain area.

The new mailing address is PO Box 673, Sierra Madre, CA 91025, and the new phone number is (626) 355-0183.  According to Kim, the pack station business will continue as before.


                                            Last Updated on May 6, 2017