Pack Station News





Just in case some of you hadn't heard.....Bonnie had her baby on 10/27 in the wee hours of the morning...IT"S A GIRL!!!  Her name is Lila and she weighed about 25-30 pounds. Mom and baby are doing just great. She is just darling and getting to be really full of herself. I hope everyone can make it up to see her while she is so little and so cute....if not, here is a photo taken the day  of her birth.


We have another new addition, too. Rob Clum of cabin #87 was kind enough to contribute one of his dog Smokey's pups to our menagerie. He is nine weeks old and his name is Tigger. Jack has taken him under his wing and is showing him the ropes. Just don't leave anything within his reach.....he has absolutely no manners yet....too cute to yell at.


                                            Last Updated on February 16, 2004