October 2001





October 2 -  8, 2001

Hello all Cabin 40 folks!

I'm back from yet another trip to Cabin 40.  What prompted the timing of my trip was that the annual Cabin Owners' BBQ was being held on Sunday and it was planned as a tribute to Bill and Lila.

So on Tuesday I took the train/bus/hotel car to Chantry Flats.  When we transferred from the train to the bus at Bakersfield, we were greeted by a blast of hot air.  It was very hot compared to Sebastopol.  And hot at Chantry Flats, too.  (Even though I didn't arrive until 4:45)  But I shouldered my quite heavy pack and hiked on in.  It was quite a bit cooler in the Canyon, but still shirt-sleeve weather until I went to bed and the same at 6 AM the next day.

The water in the creek was quite low, and I had to use the small purple plastic bucket to dip out water and fill the larger buckets.  By the time I did all this, opened up the Cabin, plus made my dinner, it was dark.  So I made my bed by flashlight.  Even though the water in the stream was low, there was plenty burbling to lull me into a deep and dreamless sleep.

There were lots of leaves down - it looked as if we hadn't raked at all
last month!  So I swept the roof and most of the yard.

On Wednesday my old friend Joel Robinson showed up.  (He's the fellow who brought the beer on the Potty Party.)  He brought me a bunch of groceries, which were a real surprise and a real treat too.  As you can imagine, bringing all my food on the train made for some quite meager provisions.  I had brought one great dinner (venison and rice-a-roni) one OK dinner (a gourmet mac'n'cheese) but the rest was canned food.  But with all the fresh stuff that Joel brought me, I ate like a king.  We had a nice, but short, visit and then he headed out.

There was practically no one in the Canyon before the weekend.  The new owner of Cabin 70 came by while I was out in front raking.  She had two extremely well-behaved labs with her, plus a bird (something that looked like a small parrot) on her shoulder.  I would have thought that this bird would have driving her dogs nuts, but they didn't pay any attention to it.  And I saw a NICE buck down by the stream one morning.  To my rather practiced eye, it looked about half again as big as the biggest one I shot this year.  It was sleek and fat and it was nice to see him.  I can think of only one other buck that I have seen in the Canyon proper before.

It cooled down considerably on Thursday and stayed so for the rest of my visit.  Quite crisp in the morning, actually, and warming up nicely during the day.  Most pleasant!

And Leonard came in on Saturday.  He arrived about 8 PM with three guests and left about 10 AM the next day.  He invited me up, and in the course of conversation I discovered that his birthday is June 25th too.  What an amazing coincidence!

Then Sunday was the BBQ.  It started at 2 PM.  Great food and a good chance to see and meet people that otherwise you might not.  They made a great presentation to Bill and Lila, and our letter was in their memory book.  They had a raffle, and I took six Cabin postcards as raffle items, which they raffled off two at a time.  I won a clock and a wrench set and a toothbrush.  What a deal!  I hiked back in to the Cabin after the BBQ, arriving about dusk.  As I was sitting on the deck, Jody and Dennis came by.  Dennis was showing Jody the work he had done on Leonard's cabin, and then they walked upstream so he could show her the work he has done on his old cabin.  It was pitch black by the time they were walking out, but I'm sure they know the trail by heart.

Then it was up early on Monday to clean up and put away the Cabin and hike out.  Mike (the Fiddler) gave me a ride to Pasadena and I took the 12:45 Amtrak bus on the first leg of my journey home.  The train/busses were reasonably on time, and Barbara picked me up at Rohnert Park, but I didn't get home until 11:45 PM.  A long day for me!

All for now, 

Love, Tony


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