March 2002





March 25 - 30, 2002

Hi Cabin 40 Folks!

A delightful time was spent at Cabin 40 just before Easter.  Tony and Ernie went up on Monday, March 25th, packing in 100 pounds of food and supplies. After a lunch of tri-tip sandwiches from Carolís house, they spent the afternoon clearing out the basement (for the third time!).

There werenít many day hikers in the Canyon and no other cabin owners either, so it was quiet and peaceful.  The water in the creek seemed quite low for this time of year, but there was plenty for hauling buckets of water to the Cabin and plenty to sing us to sleep at night, too.

T and E spent all day Tuesday working on the underpinnings in the far end of the basement , from right after breakfast until a flashlight was needed.  But they finished!  This is a project we started on the Memorial Day weekend of 1999, so it is a real sense of accomplishment that we finally have it done.  How nice!!  Wednesday was a day of putting everything back in the basement, raking the lot, and gathering firewood.  There was a downed Alder that fell across the creek, so T and E cut it up and hauled it back to the Cabin.  And itís a good thing, as it was cool in the evenings and mornings, so we went through the wood at a great rate.

Linda and dogs arrived in the late afternoon on Wednesday, and she fixed one of her famous Cabin stews for dinner.  A real treat after our rather simple fare since Monday!  Thursday dawned a cold, overcast day, but we decided to go for a hike anyway.  Our plan was to hike to Mt. Zion, going up via Sturtevantís Camp and back via Winter Creek.  Our original thought was to leave Shady at the Cabin, thinking that the hike would be too much for her, but she wouldnít have any part of that.  She howled so loudly that Linda gave in and went back for her - she led us on the hike, she was so happy to be going!  So off we went.  First stop was Cascade Picnic grounds, a site with  an emergency phone and one table. The dogs were happy for the creek, as there had been no water until then.


Next stop was Spruce Grove campground, very well used, but no campers that day. 


Then it was on to Sturtevant's. No one was home at Sturtevantís, but we looked around and were impressed with what good shape it is in. The grounds were very well raked and tidy and all the cabins were nicely painted. Ernie found an insulator in a tree, still in use and on its pin. 

Made of hand-hewn 'square' logs, like the Lincoln Logs we used to play with ......

The original Dining Room

Good thing it's not purple, or I'd be climbing the tree!

This place really swings!!

Then we headed up to Mt. Zion, elevation 3060, and lunch.  It was so foggy that there was no view, though. 

Hard to get lost up here!

Lunch time on Mt. Zion

After lunch we continued down to Winter Creek, reaching the creek at Hoegeeís Camp.  We were dismayed by the mess at Hoegee's , but Ernie managed to rescue a wooden spoon, a brand-new hot pad, and nice tupperware container.  

All that's left of Hoegee's ...

From here we hiked down Winter Creek, heading towards Robertís Camp.  We stopped for water at the entrance of the old gold mine just before Robertís and noticed VERY fresh bear claw marks on a tree, plus places where the bear had dug up the ground next to the trail.  We assume he was looking for grubs.  

The old mine ...

Fresh claw marks ..... yikes!

From Robert's we headed back to the Cabin.  It was a nine mile hike, and we were tired, but glad we went.

This plaque commemorating Robert's Camp was erected in memory of Pat and Larry.

We had an overnight visitor Thursday night.  It was Terry McNeill, a long time friend of Tonyís from his Camp Singing Pines days and the husband of the woman who made the Cabin 40 cups.  (And she sent four Cabin 40 cups with Terry for the Cabin.)  Linda fixed a great taco dinner, using the original recipe.  It started to rain, so we covered up the wood on the deck, but the rain pretty much fizzled out.

Terry left on Friday morning and John arrived on Friday afternoon. John took the Amtrak-bus-hotel car combination from Fresno, a process that Tony had pioneered. Ernie and Linda and the dogs hiked out to Robert's to meet him, Ernie spotting some interesting insulator-hunting areas. John inspected the underpinning work - it is wonderful to have that chore completed so we feel that the Cabin won't slide down the hill! We are so lucky to have Ernie and Tony complete that project - so professional!  It was Good Friday, so dinner was macaroni and cheese.

We spent a leisurely Saturday morning, since we didn't plan to leave until after lunch. We were surprised that there were so few day hikers, but the weather was cool and so perhaps that was the reason. We packed up the Cabin and left around 3pm, heading towards Carol's and the cousin pizza party.  It was a marvelous Cabin visit!

Love, Linda Lue, John, Tony, Ernie, Shady and Patty


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