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May 28 - 31, 2004

Hello All,

It was a wonderful week-end at Cabin 40! So nice to have three nights, and I could have happily stayed longer.

John and I were able to leave by 2:30pm on Friday and had an easy trip down to SoCal. We were fortunate to miss most of the traffic and even didn't have problems on the 210 until almost to Santa Anita Avenue - most lucky! The gate is still open at the base of the road, although it says it's closed, and we arrived at the pack station by 6:30 and were on the trail by 7pm. Not too many cars in the pack station lot at that point, although quite a few in the upper parking lot by the ranger station.

It was a nice walk down the hill and Patty and Shady were delighted to be out and I think they sniffed every inch of the trail. We were able to walk in daylight, which was very nice, but really couldn't see much as it was overcast. When we went past the cabin with the oar buckets (just past the green bridge) Patty started sniffing the air and pulled me over to edge of the trail where it looks down to the stream. I had no idea why, but found out after we reached the Cabin that a bear had been sighted there in the afternoon. When we went by Cabin #37 I could see that his Tiger Lilies were just starting to bloom.

We arrived at Cabin 40 by 7:30pm and were happily greeted by Carol, Howard, Pete, Christopher, Tony, Tina and Holly. It was so nice to have dinner prepared for us, our bed already made and a cold beer thrust into our hands! First order was to feed Patty and Shady, though. Carol made a lovely dinner of chicken in mushroom soup, with rice, French bread and bachelor salad. We had tapioca pudding with freshly baked cookies from Tina for dessert. Carol used the oven to heat the bread and it came out perfectly. Right away we saw the Cabin's newest present ... a large ice chest that is supposed to hold ice for 5 days, and certainly is large enough to hold the food for the crowds that we are bringing up ... a wonderful addition!

On Friday Tony, Pete, Carol, Howard and Chris had repaired the top step of the stairs where it reaches the landing. The big boulder with the piece of angle iron (old bedstead piece?) had pulled loose and was quite dangerous. Saturday breakfast was pancakes, bacon, eggs, canned pears (from Carol) and juice, cooked by John and Linda. Then Tony, John and Pete, with help from Chris and Carol, added a step at the bottom by the trail where there was just dirt and we'd been having problems. Chris continued on his firewood project, cutting up alders that he had brought from the stream. I started raking up by Jericho ... the yard looked like we had never, ever raked before! The catkins were down and they were everywhere. I spent all morning just working around the potty! Our tiger lily is holding its own - not very tall, maybe 18 inches, but it's not giving up, either. We watered it, and the one to its left that is even shorter. We also have one iris, that we found in the path up by Cabin 76 a year or so ago.

On one of my breaks I took Shady and Patty for a short walk up the trail and we stopped so they could get a drink of water. I looked across the canyon, and there were tiger lilies in bloom! I had never seen these before, in fact I thought that there weren't very many in the canyon, but a large oak fell there about two years ago and now these are exposed to the sunlight. There are at least three groups of plants going up the hillside and we could see many splotches of orange - so pretty! Fortunately they are far enough away from the trail that I don't think anyone will pick the blossoms, so hopefully they will spread. Leonard and Patrick showed up, and headed up to Sturdevant's for a salmon dinner.  From Leonard's yard we could see across the canyon, and just below the cabin with the blue tarp we could see several tiger lilies in bloom. Patrick says that the ravine between that cabin and Bon Accord is filled with lilies, but we never did get over there to check on them.

After lunch of quesadillas, I went back to the raking. Howard had taught Chris to play gin, and those two, plus John, played many games in between raking and cutting up wood. In the late afternoon, Tony, Chris, the doggies and I headed down to the Mine Spring to fill the water bottles. I wanted to see if the tiger lilies were blooming there ... and, my were they! There are about thirty plants and they were just covered with open blooms and more to open. I took pictures and I hope they turn out. Such a pretty sight in the dappled shade! Tony had no problem filling the water bottles, as the spring is flowing well, in spite of it being a dry winter. Winter Creek is down already, as is our stream, but it still manages to sing merrily at night.

Dinner on Saturday was venison stew made by Linda, plus dumplings, bag salad and a fresh youngberry cobbler brought from Fresno. I still need to work on the dumplings ... just don't have those down as well as I'd like yet.

Sunday breakfast was scrambled eggs with cheese, Hilshire Farms sausage, fresh fruit and juice. Then we worked on the yard more, especially on the upstream area that George had identified as a problem. The top of an old oak had broken off and fallen down the hill, but we left the large branches as they were quite out of the way. John chopped up all the little branches ...a rather large pile, while I pruned all the bay tree growths that are at the base and Pete and Howard raked and raked. We also cleaned all the leaves out of the vinca and pruned the vinca back. We will have to do a more frequent job of cleaning and pruning in that area, as that was a very tedious job. Carol worked on the vinca on the area where we chop wood and it looked much, much better by the time she was finished. We worked all day on the yard, and by 5:30 we were mostly happy with it. There were still a few areas that needed attention, but those would have to wait until Monday. Dinner was "gourmet" macaroni and cheese with added tuna, cheese and peas, french bread, bag salad and cookies ... we devoured it as we had worked hard all day. Carol and I managed to get in two cribbage games before bed, and Chris and Howard played a couple more gin games.

We were up early on Monday, as Holly was ready to get up. So I walked the three dogs for a bit, which is tough because Holly walks much more slowly than Patty and Shady. But we managed and then enjoyed coffee and pastry on the front deck before we started in on closing up the Cabin and packing up. That process always takes a while ... about three hours when the Cabin is as full as it was. We left Tony at the Cabin to finish raking and closing it up (most everything was done) and left by 10am. It was already warm, so the hike was lovely until the green bridge, then became quite hot and we stopped in almost every shady patch there was on the way up. We noticed that there were not  nearly as many hikers as usual, as some people must think the road is still closed, but it was still busy and there were cars everywhere along the road down the hill.

It was a wonderful trip!

Love, Linda Lue


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