December 2003





December 5 - 7, 2003

Hello All,

We are back from another GREAT Cabin 40 trip.
Carol, Howard, and Pete arrived at Chantry Flats shortly after 9 AM on Friday and were met by Tony and Tina (the owner of Cabin 87).  Carol's ankle was bothering her and Holly wasn't up to the trip to the Cabin, so we all hiked in, with Howard carrying Carol's pack, and Howard hiked back out to take care of Holly.

We swept the roof and the deck and generally opened up the Cabin.  In the process we discovered that there had been a leak in the roof on the upstream end of the mantel.  There is always something to do up there!  While making up the beds on the porch, we ran across a mouse!  It eluded us, and what a hassle!  The rest of the day was spent with raking, gathering firewood, and cleaning up the Cabin. Carol put up the Christmas decorations: a wreaths on the door of the Cabin and on Jerico, and ornaments along the fireplace, strung on string. Very festive! There were not many hikers at all in the Canyon.  Carol fixed a great dinner of Dirty Rice, with dessert waiting on John and Linda's arrival. 

 Linda and John finally arrived at 10:45 on Friday night after much hassle with work and Sherman.   No time for cribbage for Carol and Linda, or for dessert, and they finally got to bed at 12:15. We heard several loud cracks just after we went to bed, and wondered if a tree had fallen or branches broken off, but we couldn't agree if it was upstream or down.

 There was LOTS to do on Saturday, of course. John decided to hike out on Saturday and watch a football game on TV with Howard.  The rest of us generally did Cabin chores for the rest of the day. There were lots of leaves down and huge acorns, wood to be gathered from the stream area and cut up, and the inside of the cabin to clean. While raking, Linda heard leaf and rock fall across the stream that went on for a bit. Then when she emptied the leaf buckets on the trail, whatever animal had made the rock fall was still there and went streaking straight up the mountain. All she could see was large, with dark fur and haunches ... no tail ... a bear perhaps?  Not a deer or coyote, but something else! We ate like kings, with Dirty Rice soup and toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and Linda made a superb venison stew on Saturday. We had a wonderful mince pie for dessert and sang Happy Birthday to John ....just one candle on the pie.

We woke up to rain on Saturday night.  Tony's roof repair job didn't work and the roof leaked in two places.  So Tony repaired it again, and we are hoping that he's got it this time. Howard showed up around 8am, to have breakfast with us and carry out Carol's pack ... pretty nice guy! He made it in just before the gate was locked to hikers, as the clouds were so thick that driving on the one-lane stretches was hazardous. We hiked out in light rain, arriving at the Pack Station around 11:30am.


Linda and the Cabin 40 Gang

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