December 2001





November 29 - December 2, 2001

Christmas Greetings from Cabin 40:

This past weekend was spent at Cabin 40 so that we could put up the
Christmas decorations.  Linda, Tony, Carol and Howard arrived on Thursday afternoon just as the rain was slowing down .... it had been raining all morning.  The road was closed when we arrived but Tony unlocked the gate only pinching his finger once.  We unloaded all of the items for the pack train and finally got ourselves headed down hill ....  the stream was up a little bit and flowing over the check dam by our Cabin.  We arrived at the Cabin around 3pm .... starving .... but at least the tuna sandwiches were made .... but first we had to start a fire and put on a pot of coffee ... the Cabin was COLD.  Finally got our lunch at 3:30pm.  We huddled around the fire eating our sandwiches, stopping to bring in all the items from the pack train.  Now we had a big mess .... 3 dogs, packs and boxes everywhere and we needed to move everything so that we could get into the bedding box.  By the time we felt we were warm enough to tackle the job, and to go out onto the porch, it was dark. 

Finally we had all the beds made and the boxes unpacked and put
everything away .... Linda and I looked at each other and said "we don't want to cook chicken for dinner" !!!!  (Dinner was planned as chicken breasts, rice-a-roni, fresh green beans and salad).  Since we had just eaten lunch, we weren't in the mood for all of that food.  So we did some menu switching .... Friday lunch became Thursday dinner (vegetable soup and quesadilla's); Friday dinner became Friday lunch (Taco's); Thursday dinner became Friday dinner (the chicken meal).  And everything turned out great!  We also put into our memory banks that a soup meal was a good idea for the day you hiked in, particularly in the dark, cold winter!

We had a good sized fire until we went to bed, but your backside did not get warm ..... everyone went to bed in various attire - pj's, flannel
shirts, socks and Tony and Linda added stocking hats.  The temperature was in the 40's.  (Linda and Carol did squeeze in one game of Cribbage.)

Friday was partly cloudy and cold.  We sat around the fire drinking
coffee and trying to get warm.  After a breakfast of bacon, pancakes and eggs we raked leaves wearing a minimum of 3 layers - T-shirt, flannel shirt and sweatshirt .... some adding a jacket too.  Observed where the rain had run down the path from the outhouse as there had been a downpour the previous week.  We are attempting to direct the water towards the steps, and away from the back of the Cabin, by stacking rocks.  We could see that the first one we built in May had worked.  Tony and Howard found lots of downed branches which they hauled back to the Cabin and cut or broke into firewood.  Linda discovered where a live oak had fallen over in a storm just up from the Cabin .... so we have a potential supply of close firewood.  The day never did warm up enough to take off any layers of clothing.

Inside we cleaned off the mantle and washed and cleaned out (read dug out candle wax) all of the candle holders, putting in new candles.  They all look so nice when they are clean!  Then we hung the Christmas ornaments and Carol made a Christmas wreath for the front door.

Saturday dawned clear and a little warmer.  We were into the 50's now. Balmy by Oregon standards!!!  We worked on interior projects ... yes we have it backwards ... we should have done that Friday and worked outside on Saturday, but Linda was hiking out to pick up John so we didn't have as much time.  We cut up more firewood; washed lamp chimney's and filled the lamps; installed our new lamp over the kitchen counter that we had bought the Cabin last Christmas; installed a new light in the outhouse; gave the table a new layer of oil cloth and redid the oil cloth under the water buckets.  (Oil cloth is very difficult to find ... and I found some in Redding when we were visiting Helen and Hans .... the last oil cloth I found was in Mexico.)  The new oil cloth has a design of pale orange pomegranates on a darker orange background with some green leaves and red flowers .... goes very nicely with our existing tiny orange check oil cloth.

After a quick lunch of pea soup, Linda hiked out to meet John taking the trash and empty boxes with her plus 2 doggies.  As we didn't know if the gate would be open or closed when he arrived, Linda met him at the bottom of hill.  John had a football game Friday night, but he very graciously agreed to take the train/bus/car  to the Cabin so we could celebrate his BIRTHDAY. 

We had a great Birthday Dinner of Linda's famous stew, bread and salad. Then we had a Birthday mince pie (with raisins soaked in orange juice and extra apple) that Carol made for John at his request, sang Happy Birthday and John opened his presents.  Howard and John had a few games of Gin and Carol and Linda managed to get in a few games of Cribbage. 

We were up early Sunday morning (Tony started the fire at 5:15am) to get an early start ..... well I guess we sit around too long drinking coffee and getting warm .... we never did get to our oatmeal but had a breakfast of mince pie and cheddar cheese .... we finally got the Cabin cleaned up and on our way somewhere around 10ish.  The rain held off until just as we were getting into our cars to leave the pack station.

Canyon News:  We watched Mike and Dennis push two water tanks (one at a time) up the trail to one of the cabins.  Talked to Chris, the camp manager at Sturtevant's, who told us that a bear had tried to break into one of the their cabins ... thought it was because bacon had been cooked on the last morning before it was closed.  One of the cabins below us, on the Bon Accord side, owned by Ted and Sunshine is having a new roof put on.

It was a cold trip, we went through a lot of firewood, but we had a great time!  

Merry Christmas to all from Cabin 40,

Love from the Gang,

Carol, Howard, Linda, John, Tony
and doggies Holly, Shady and Patty


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