August 2003





August 24 - 31, 2003

Hello All,

I'm back from my latest Cabin trip, and thought I'd write to everyone about it.

I drove (yuck!) down to Southern California on Friday, 8/22, and stayed with C & H.  (Carol fixed a great dinner of roast chicken with a cranberry sauce gravy.  What a treat!)  Then on Saturday morning I went to Arcadia to attend a Board Meeting of the Cabin Owners' Association, and then back to C & H's for Howard's birthday celebration.  And what a party!  A good time was had by all.

On Sunday I headed for the Cabin, stopping to buy my groceries on the way.  It was a hot hike in, and I was glad I was going downhill.  (At 4 PM that afternoon the temperature on the porch was 91 degrees!)  The Cabin looked fine.  I swept the roof and noticed a tear in the roofing on the upstream corner of the fireplace, which I fixed.

It cooled down a bit as the week wore on, plus there was usually a nice breeze.  The creek is low, but MUCH better than last summer and no problem scooping a bucket out.  There were bugs, of course, but none of the biting deer flies, so it was rather tolerable.

Camp Bonacord, the Girl Scout Camp,  has sold and the new owner is Brad Bryce, the owner of Cabin 100.  I dropped by several times during the week, and he has been busily cleaning the place out.  It was a REAL mess, with lots of damage from the mice and rats, as well as un-repaired structural damage.  The Girl Scouts should be ashamed of themselves.  They have certainly made suckers out of a lot of donors!

Anyway, the annual Progressive Dinner was Saturday, and what an event!  Appetizers was at Cabin 57, the Mortimers.  It's the first cabin beyond the two story cabin up the East Fork.  A delightful place.  And very quite and peaceful with no noise from passing hikers at all.  Salad was at Cabin 76, John Woodburn's place.  And what a cabin!  All the work he has done on it certainly shows.  It has the most delightful tile floor.  The main course was at Cabin 65, the Vannis's.  Unfortunately, the Vannis's had a conflict at the last minute and couldn't be there, but they let us use their cabin anyway.  This is Dennis' old cabin and it looks great.  Jack and Barbara Shuck bbq'ed hamburgers, which we all ate with great gusto.  The neighboring cabin, the Gibsons, was also open for eating lunch and touring.  It is a real gem!  Small, but very nice.  Jackie has done a great job of repairing, maintaining and decorating it.  In the bedroom there is three-tier bunk bed.  Amazing!  Dessert was at Cabin 70, Deb Burgess.  Deb has done a lot of good work at her place, too, and it's in delightful shape.  Sitting on the deck, one feels like he's in a tree house.  Quite nice.  The Progressive was well attended, the food superb, and a good time was had by all.

On Saturday evening there was a Scrabble tournament hosted by Bob and Linda of Cabin 46.  But, sigh, all good things must come to an end, so Sunday morning, after a simple breakfast, we cleaned up and put away the Cabin and
hiked out.  I headed for Fresno for a GREAT visit and dove hunt with the Eckmans.  Linda is going to write about that, though.

All for now.

Love, Tony


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