April 2002





April 19 - 21, 2002

As some of you know, Thursday evening at 8pm, Linda, John and Howard and I decided we would make a quick trip to the Cabin to rake leaves due to the high fire danger.  We quickly made up simple menus using what was at
the Cabin and mostly what was on our shelves at home and Howard and I agreed to wait up for them!

Mother had been visiting at our house, and as we were going to take her home Friday morning, so we also put our packs in the car and just continued on to the Cabin from her house.

The day had started out nice and sunny with no clouds but by the time we arrived at the top of the hill it was very cloudy and a cold wind.  We arrived at the Cabin at 4pm  ..... and guess what ... the laugh is on us .... there were no leaves down ... none on the roof ..... looked like it had just been raked!!!!

We swept the porch before bringing out the chairs, got water and admired Ernie and Tony's handiwork in the basement.  Made up our bed (6 blankets) and got a pile of blankets out for Linda and John.   We had a tasty dinner of hamburger with rice-a-roni and proceeded to play Gin until Linda and John arrived.  They arrived at 9:15, right on their estimated time of arrival!  5 hours and 15 minutes from Fresno to the Cabin.

It was a chilly night ........ Saturday was cold and windy and we worked on picking leaves out of crevices and from around the small money plants that are just coming up and in between bushes, filled up a couple of boxes
with kindling, and measured to see how far 15 feet was from the outhouse and 30 feet was from the Cabin (the distance required by the Forestry to be cleared).  LOTS of hikers in the canyon and lots of Boy Scouts hiking up to Spruce Grove for an overnight - we later found out that there were 72 people camping at Spruce Grove ... in a campground that only has 7 campsites!

Since there were so few leaves we just had a nice relaxing day ... John and Howard got in a few hands of Gin and Linda and I managed to play one game of Cribbage.  Linda made us a great dinner of Tamale Pie using a recipe she found years ago on a milk carton.  Definitely one that we are going to repeat!!!!  Carol made chocolate pudding and we inhaled it for dessert!

After  morning coffee, writing postcards and entering our visit in the log, we finally got ourselves moving and had breakfast and cleaned and closed up the Cabin, arriving at the top of the hill around noon.

Love from some of the gang,

Linda, John, Carol, Howard and doggies Shady, Patty and Holly


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