October 2000





October 4 - 8, 2000

As you know, Tony and I went to the Cabin on Wednesday and returned Saturday. We had planned this journey, as Tony was coming down for his 40th High School Reunion, but when the time came I was in the middle of having the interior of the house painted ... finally realized it would be better to go ahead and go to the Cabin as it wasn't a good idea to have a doggy underfoot when they were painting the trim with oil-based paint .... so off we went, leaving Howard to watch over the painters .... but first I picked some grapefruit for Tony to take home ... and forgot I was standing in the middle of the handles of the wheelbarrow ... I remember either Howard or Tony yelling "oh no" or something like that, but I was on my way to falling over the handle and to the ground ... I knew there were paving stones and the sidewalk coming up and tried to break my fall, but my cheekbone took the brunt of the fall as when I finally landed it really hit the sidewalk .... after I got done crying, into the house and put an ice pack on my cheek for awhile, we took off for the Cabin anyway .... I have a black eye and a yellow green side of my face from my cheek bone down to my jawbone !!! By the time I got to the top of the hill, it was really swollen, but it started going down in the middle of the night - the bad part is, it is the side I like to sleep on and at first a pillow really didn't feel very good in that spot ....

From that point, the trip improved ... got to the top of the hill and Kim was out getting the burro's ready .... found out that Ho-Ha had left the teepee, so to speak, and that she is handling all of the packing by herself. Says she loves it! No, she had never done this before in her life ('cause I asked her that question). She said that Dennis had told her that "cement is your friend" because a $2 bag of cement costs $12 to pack in ... and luckily one of the cabin owners (Cabin 76) is having a retaining wall built and she packing in 6 burro's of cement everyday! Says she has no problem lifting 60# bags of cement (now), but the ones that weigh 94# are a challenge!

We unpacked both of our cars with the 5300 donations and stacked them around the scale - took 3 burro's to bring them in, and again, no picture of them loaded ... but the funniest one was either Bonnie or Bill loaded with boxes, with a wood step stool tied upside down on top of the load, with the new bamboo shade for the porch tied on top, in between the step stool legs AND through the burro's ears. She (or he) just flicked her/his ears .... what a sight and what a laugh! We expected Kim to just leave all of the stuff she packed in by the side of the trail, but she insisted on helping us carry everything up to the porch .... we were impressed!

We had a lot of leaves down and giant acorns - in fact it was raining acorns and they sounded like golf balls when they hit the roof or the metal outdoor chairs! If you heard one coming and it sounded close, you had to put your hands over your head! Linda the Cabin Rose will be just fine. With the water you put on it and with the rain that they have had recently plus Mount Wilson had a couple of inches a few weeks ago, the rose is doing just fine and the stream is vastly improved. The rose had new growth at the roots and clear out at the tippy end of a big long 10 foot branch. I cut off just the dead wood and picked off the dead leaves and we watered it at least 3 times every day. It drizzled/rained a little Friday night and a rather big storm is expected by Tuesday/Wednesday. (We have also heard that a 2nd storm is to hit around the 20th of this month.)

Tony put up the pipes to hold the shower rod while I worked on raking the lot. Got the shower curtain up and found out that the afternoon breezes make the curtain flap in the breeze, but figured out we either shower in the morning or pound a couple of nails in the side of the outhouse and use a clothespin to hold the shower curtain in place on each side. We tried out the shower Friday morning, before breakfast, first heating the water in the teakettle. It did feel good!

The best part of the trip was that Dennis was putting a new roof on Leonard's cabin so we got to talk to him each day. In stripping off the old roof, he found a lot of termite damage so he is repairing it as he goes and will have to remove all of the roof, both inside and outside, around his fireplace due to the termites. He also installed a skylight for him, which sure was nice. Each day Dennis brought a different dog with him. And the good news was that he and Jody were going camping this weekend......

I cleaned/rearranged the bedding box so that all of our new quilts/blankets/pillows would fit; rearranged the coffee mugs so all new ones would fit; straightened the silverware drawer and put in a new oil cloth lining; straightened the glasses, again so new ones would fit; etc., etc.

We had asked Kim to pack us out Friday and she said she would stop around 4pm for whatever we had ..... she didn't appear until 7:30pm, pitch black and the rain clouds were like fog, right down to the ground, and she is using a flashlight to see where she is going (horse and 6 burro's) and it is raining. She didn't stop, said she had to keep going.....we didn't know what we were going to do with all the stuff we had ready to pack out, but ended up tying a lot of it to our packs and hiking out with very heavy packs. The rest we put in the outhouse as we figured it was the only mouse-proof spot we had .... !!!.... we felt pretty clever!
(And Linda, I forgot to put the green/white chair pad and the 2 red chair pads for the new wicker chair in the bedding box and I wasn't about to open it again, so they are also in the outhouse .... and so are the pipes from the shower!) And I forgot to put the shower curtain away, so it is stuffed in one of the cans.

Tony and I tried to leave early Saturday, but we weren't very successful. Discovered it takes longer for 2 people to close the Cabin, than 6 or 8!!!!! Finally got on the trail around 12:45 hiking ever so slowly (well Carol was ... Holly and Tony were ready to run up the hill!) 

We found out that the reason Kim didn't stop was ... on her way up to Sturtevant's the trail had given way, above Spruce Grove, and the whole string of 6 burro's had slid down the hill. She said she had a pile of burro's and she had to jump off of her horse, as she thought he was also going to go down, but he managed to regain his footing. (Kim had also wrenched her knee the day before). She had to unload 3 burro's to get them up and then reload them. What an indoctrination to the business, huh !!! She had gone past our Cabin around 1pm and it was supposed to be approximately a 2 hour trip to Sturtevant's. And the final topper was - it was her birthday on Friday!

That's it for the Cabin news .... not a lot of hikers in the canyon, and only one car parked along the side of the road, where they are usually all lined up.

Love Carol and Tony .... and Holly - you know the good doggie that didn't bark last time, but decided to bark at everything this time ......


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