May 2001





Memorial Day Weekend, 2001

This weekend was Cabin cleanup, and the work began when Tony arrived at the Cabin on Tuesday ...... via train/bus to Pasadena and taxi to the top of the hill .... creating quite a stir at the pack station when he arrived.  I don't think they get too many taxi's at the pack station !!!!

Tony started in on some painting that needed to be done - white enamel on the top and sides of the potty seat to make it easier to wash and staining and varnishing the new wash stand Ernie installed on a previous trip.  And socializing with the various Cabin owners that walked by while he was working ....

Carol, Howard, Pete and Holly arrived at the pack station around 9:15 Friday morning and Tony met us with an empty backpack .... as the packing arrangements had gotten a little waylaid and Kim wasn't going to be able to pack in our groceries until Saturday morning .... and I had bought the big can of coffee and the big bottles of wine, so we had some heavy items to carry in, which I was hoping the little burros could carry!!!  Howard and Carol were also packing in two surprises for the Cabin - a new quilt and new curtains.  Between the 4 of us we got everything we needed into our backpacks and left 5 more boxes of canned goods, lamp oil and beer to be packed in plus two 60# sacks of cement and six 6 ft long pieces of rebar.  We were advised that a bear had been seen in the canyon and to watch for it and that they would put our canned goods on the porch for safe keeping ......luckily for us Kim was able to get all our boxes on the pack train she was taking to Sturtevant's in the afternoon, so we got all of our food and beer after all.

The four of us arrived at the Cabin about 10:30 - it was a rather warm hike down and we were glad to get there.  As it turned out it was the hottest  and buggiest day we had.  Oh yes .... while we were hiking in we heard a truck coming down the road.  It was the Department of Fish and Game and they were stocking the stream with trout.  We talked to him and watched him take the fishies out of the tank - nice sized ones!  And he stocked the stream all the way up to the check dam that is right around the corner from our Cabin!!!!  Were we happy!  Did we have fresh fish? Yes we did - 8 total caught by Howard, John and Tony ... some for Saturday breakfast and some for Sunday hors d'oeuvre's.  Very tasty and John and Howard were particularly happy since they had been skunked at Linda's birthday camping trip at Soda Springs.

Linda, John, Shady and Patty arrived at 8pm and we quickly served them dinner - well as soon as they had a beer that is!  After dinner and dishes were done, the guys all fell into bed, but Linda and Carol stayed up for a game of cribbage.  Linda was most surprised by the quilt and spied it as soon as she started to make her bed.  I had made it from the decorative portions of some of Auntie Pat's T-shirts along with a few from Mother (Muriel) and some of mine.  Thought I had more than enough for a whole quilt but turned out I was short, so I added in some of Auntie Pat's camping bandana's and used one of the Big Santa Anita Canyon bandana's as the center of the quilt. I sewed on all the T-shirts and bandana's with bias tape trying to match/compliment colors as much as possible.  I've never changed thread so many times on the sewing machine!!!  As the final decoration I used the commemorative patches from Auntie Pat's parka that I had saved along with the decor and zippered pocket from her Tahiti hat and Big Santa Anita Canyon patches - Sturtevant Falls; Mt. Wilson; Hoegee's and Spruce Grove.

The new curtains were made from Mother's former living room curtains.  I had planned to use the curtains from 5300 but unfortunately they were too short and there weren't enough of them, so Howard and I made a flying trip to Bellflower to pick up Mother's curtains ... and it also gave me a chance to show her the new quilt which she enjoyed.  The bad part is, we were so busy working outside that we didn't get the windows washed and the curtains installed, so we packed them away in the bedding box and will do that on our next trip.

Saturday we started in on the raking with a few fishing breaks for the guys.  The weather was just pleasant but cooled off in the afternoon.  We raked away and discussed our cement plans.  When raking Linda and Carol noticed that there was a very large rock by the slope next to the potty, where the dirt was eroding from underneath it, and that it was on a collision course with the Cabin.  So that was our first cement/rebar project on Sunday.  Pete cut the 6ft long rebar in half and was able to pound 3 of them in around the big rock.  Then all the guys mixed cement and cemented rock in and around the rebar.  We also started in our rock walls in an attempt to stop the water from roaring down the hill into the back of the Cabin.  This project will take us awhile as it takes a lot of energy to haul rocks up the hill from the stream bed!  Next Linda was raking the hill below the potty, in among the trees when rocks started giving away (but Linda held on!).  Uncle Larry had started work on the this area, so we used some more of our rebar and Pete hammered them in, but it will require more reinforcing work in the future.  Saturday evening when Linda and Howard took out the dogs for their final walk before bed, then came back saying it is misting .... by the time Linda and I had in our cribbage game and final walk to the potty, it was a heavier mist .... so we went around bringing in the tools and covering up the bags of cement with plastic bags.  By then it was actual drops .... or the leaves had accumulated enough mist that it was dropping, we didn't know which was happening.

Sunday morning was cool and remained misty off and on .... but made it nice and cool for the finish raking/hand picking of leaves by Carol and Linda and the cement work by the guys.  A little more fishing, a little more beer, a few hands of Gin for Howard and John and a cribbage game for Carol and Linda and a few more jokes/stories from Tony and it was dinner time ..... how the time flies when you are having fun!

The canyon was busy as usual with lots of hikers but it was nice and calm at night.  It sure makes a difference with the gates closed at the bottom of the hill at night.  The dogs let every dog that was on the trail know they were there .... some more than others!!!

To cap off the weekend, we sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday Dear Potty, as the (re-born) potty is 2 years old.  Our profound thanks to everyone for helping us make it happen!

Love from the Gang,

Carol, Howard, Linda, John, Tony and Pete
and doggies Holly, Shady and Patty

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