July 2002





July 9 - 14, 2002

Hi All:  We made a trip to the Cabin for the Progressive Dinner last weekend.  It started with Tony arriving ahead of us and following is his recap of his part of the trip:

I (Tony) arrived at the Cabin at 3:15 PM on Tuesday, July 9th, via Amtrak/hotel car from Fresno.  I ran across several cabin owners as I hiked in. Their cabins were to be used for Saturday's progressive dinner, so they were hiking in to get them ready. It was hot, HOT, HOT, in the Canyon and the water quite low in the creek.  As the creek was so low, I had to use a saucepan to dip water out of the creek and fill the water bucket.  And Camp Sturtevant had to cancel a group that was scheduled that week, as there simply wasn't enough water. I saw quite a few fish in the creek, which so far have survived the low water.  I sure hope they can last until we get some rain.  Since they are having enough trouble surviving as it is, I didn't go fishing.  And there were lots of leaves down at Cabin 40, too. But, interestingly enough, the water coming from the spring up Winter Creek was running about the same as it was the past few times I've used it.  It's nice to get our drinking water there and avoid the need for boiling creek water to drink.

On Wednesday my long time friend Joel came in and brought me a bunch of groceries as well as ten pounds of ice.  He brought everything from beer and wine to carrots, potatoes, onions and fresh fruit! Anyway, no sign of mice in the Cabin when I arrived, so I didn't set any traps the first two days. Mistake! When I did set traps, I caught two. Hmmm. I wish I had started setting them earlier.

On Friday morning I hiked out to the Pack Station to meet Carol & Howard at 7:30 am.  We arrived there at the same time and Carol and I loaded up our very heavy packs with the groceries for the weekend and the two of us hiked in along with Holly, while Howard left to drive a car for a Ford agency.

Carol continues the story:  Tony and I had a slow hike in, but at least it was in the cool of the morning and I was so glad I had come in early to make the hike ..... I sure wouldn't have wanted to do it in the middle of the hot afternoon.  When we got to the stream at Winter Creek, Holly laid down in what water there was to have a drink! In the bottom of the canyon it was nice and cool and we arrived at the Cabin a little after 8:30.  We were thirsty so we had a soft drink, but it did seem very strange to be drinking a soft drink at 9 in the morning!  We unpacked the groceries and put them away and got out the blankets for the beds and finally it was time for our meat loaf sandwiches.  We were starved and felt like we had been up for hours, which we both had. It was very quiet in the canyon and peaceful to just sit out on the patio and watch what few hikers went by .... no bugs which was very unusual for this time of the year.  The stream actually makes a little noise as it passes our Cabin.

Howard arrived around 4:30 and I think John, Linda and doggies arrived around 6:30 after a nice hot trip from Fresno.  We had a easy dinner of Dirty Rice which consists of hamburger fried up with 2 packages of Zatarain's Dirty Rice mix added.  Verrrry tasty.  A bag salad and some french bread made for a quick, easy meal.   Why 2 packages of Dirty rice mix for 5 people?  Well, we add the leftovers to 2 cans of tomato soup for the 2nd nights dinner plus another bag salad and the rest of the french bread!!!  Carol and Linda stayed awake long enough to have one game of Cribbage and to hear a very different sound - some type of critter but we didn't know what.  The 3 guys were sound asleep and didn't hear anything. 

Luckily for us Tony had raked the lot and swept off the roof, so we didn't have any pressing chores for this weekend.  We only had a fire in the fireplace big enough to burn the paper that accumulated.  We carried out the wet garbage. Around noon on Saturday Tony, Linda and Carol got ready and headed up the canyon for the Progressive Dinner. 

The Hors d'oeuvres were held at Cabin 73, which is located between the main trail and the horse trail that goes above the falls and just below the old Fern Lodge.  It was a 2 bedroom cabin with a large living/kitchen area.  The roof of the cabin was built very similar to our Cabin other than the roof beams had a little more reinforcement.  The salad/main dish was organized jointly by Cabins' 81 and 83 which are located on the old trail to the falls - the one we used to follow when we were kids by 79 Wistful Vista or what I called Fibber McGee's and Molly's place.  They had a large spread of Taco Salad and Chicken Pasta salad and bread and butter.  We enjoyed seeing both of the cabins.  #81 was an L-shaped, open floor plan with a sleeping alcove on one side.  #83 had a sleeping loft which you reached by climbing up a ladder on the side of the wall. The main room had windows from the kitchen counter top up to the ceiling and really made it light and cheery.

For the dessert course we headed back towards our cabin to #67.  This is the cabin that has the cement wall around it and as kids we used to peer over to try and see inside.  It was always so fascinating because we couldn't go into the yard.  When looking over the wall, you also see what look like little tiny rooms that you would have to be on your knees to get into...... Well this is the biggest cabin we have seen.  What looked to us to be little tiny rooms were actually a big bedroom with a king side bed; a big bedroom with 2 double beds and plenty of room to walk around in; and a storage room.  The living room was enormous and the kitchen was even bigger.  You certainly can't tell how big this cabin is from the trail!  The dessert was watermelon, brownies and cookies.

We had a good time and arrived back at our Cabin around 5:30.  Our neighbor Leonard said he was having drinks at his cabin but we didn't have the energy to walk to his Cabin.  Howard and John said there was a problem with the propane stove so they took it all apart and found that the hose into the stove should be replaced if possible or the whole stove replaced.  The hose had a hole in it so we wrapped it in electrical tape to get us through the rest of the weekend.  After that Linda, Tony and Carol walked to Winter Creek and the spring to fill up all of our water bottles.  Then it was time for our dinner of Dirty Rice soup and after dishes the guys tumbled into bed. Linda and I stayed up for one more game of Cribbage ..... and we heard that critter noise again ..... this time it made the noise for a longer period and John also heard it.  We decided it might be a fox or something that makes a barking sound similar to a dog.  When Linda and I went to bed we heard a noise across the creek which sounded to me like a deer ..... then in the night Patty heard something and was growling.

We were up early Sunday morning and enjoyed our coffee out on the patio in the cool of the early morning.  Then it was time for our traditional closing breakfast of oatmeal and applesauce.  Then put away everything and close the Cabin and try to get on the trail while it was still cool. We were aiming for 8:30 and were on the trail by 8:50 .... our best time yet!

Happy 2nd anniversary Kim! 

Love from the Cabin 40 gang,
Tony, Linda, John, Carol, Howard and doggies, Shady, Patty and Holly

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