December 2000





December 8 - 10, 2000

Hello all - we are back from the Cabin and had a great time.  Linda and John are on the way back to Fresno, Pete went home, and I came back to C&H's house and will go back on the train tomorrow.

We arrived shortly after noon on Friday, in a drizzle, meeting Pete who had been there since Wednesday night.  Linda and John arrived at 6 PM, so we had the place opened up and the beds made by the time L&J arrived.

It was a cold, dry, November in Southern California, so the stream was
quite low.  But there was plenty to haul up to the Cabin, and also plenty to sing us to sleep at night.  It was overcast the entire time, and cold at times.  So we kept the fire going most of the time,  which meant for lots of time spent gathering firewood.  There was lots of downed wood nearby, though, so it wasn't too much of a chore.

We raked the entire lot and the place looks great.  Too bad more leaves will fall before  the inspection!  The Cabin rose is doing fine.  We watered it and mulched it and it will be OK until our next visit.  Linda swept the roof and noted two holes in the roofing just behind the chimney.  We fixed it, of  course, and were glad we were able to get up before the winter rains come.  And speaking of roofs, Dennis re- roofed Leonard's cabin (the Cabin behind us) and really did a good job.  He replaced quite a few boards, and they are all painted on the eves and it looks very nice.  We were quite impressed.

We had some stuff packed in, two burros worth.  XO'XA is back, something none of us, or other cabin owners that we've talked to, are enthused about.  The pack station seems to be going downhill, and everyone wonders whether or not Kim will make it.

And we ate like kings!  We had duck and rice-a-roni for Friday night
dinner and a great Cabin stew on Saturday.  What a treat! We decorated the Cabin for Christmas with a bow and jingle bells on the front door and the strand of ornaments over the fireplace.

Had a nice hike out with no one around .... ran into the ranger and found out there was a 60% chance of rain, therefore the road had been closed. So far it hasn't rained!

That's it for this journey,  Tony and Carol


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