August 2000





August 18 - 20, 2000

John and I went to the Cabin over the week-end – a quick trip, but boy,

did we enjoy it! We went down after work on Friday, leaving around 4pm and arriving at the Cabin at 9pm. The road up the hill was open, much to our surprise. We couldn’t see any changes to the road – still one way for a short portion. No one at the pack station to greet us, except a new puppy who thought that Patty and Shady were marvelous play toys. We walked down in the dark, being very careful to stay right in the middle of the road because a fisherman coming up the hill had seen a rattlesnake soaking up the warmth. Kept the dogs on the leash for the paved portion, just to be safe. We had an easy trip down, though, and didn’t see any other animals or people.


We were very glad when we reached the Cabin that the lamps were full and it was easy to get set up. The place looked good inside, not too many mouse droppings but lots of cobwebs. Cabin was quite warm inside, so we opened windows and doors and were glad we were sleeping on the porch. The stream is very low and just provided quiet background music to lull us to sleep.


There were early hikers on Saturday, which got the dogs up, so we all

got up. The lot wasn’t too full of leaves, but we raked and swept all

day so that it would look good. I’m very impressed with the new

underpinnings – they look so sturdy! The soil and plants are very dry – I’m not certain the Cabin rose is going to make it. We watered it as much as possible, but we’ll just have to see. The vinca and iris and many of the native plants also are stressed by the low water – it surprised us that the USFS is letting the day hikers back in with the fire danger so high.


Talked to the volunteer ranger on horseback in the afternoon – he told

us the road had opened on Thursday and the word was gradually getting out that it was open again. We didn’t see any other cabin owners until Rob went by in the afternoon. The stream is so low that the fish trapped just below the dam will be staying there until a good rain. No water over the dams, and also not going over the slidy rock in front of group of cabins upstream from us. In many places it doesn’t look like the water is moving at all, but we can see it at our place. In spite of the low water I had a lovely dip upstream. The pool there is deep enough for Shady to swim and I could easily get wet and cool down. Patty thought what we were doing was strange, but she did wade her feet and bounce around.


The strangest thing happened on Saturday night. We had just gone to bed around 9:30 when two hikers came down the trail, and stopped just upstream from the Cabin. They shined a light on the water, and stayed there until midnight, talking the entire time, sometimes quite loudly. Of course Patty didn’t think much of that, barking and growling much of the time. The couple finally left at midnight, and it was quiet until an animal of some type went up the trail at 2:30, setting both Patty and Shady off. Patty was quite the barkster all week-end, challenging every dog that came up the path. She had to stay on the leash and was very well behaved except for her very loud voice.


We left on Sunday morning after breakfast, for a warm hike out. Talked to the new pack station owners – they were busy painting the inside of the house. No phone service until October or November it seems, however Kim has a cell phone and she says to leave a voice message.  I asked about how much lead time for packing, but didn't get a definite answer. 

Love, John and Linda Lue (or Dad and Mom, as some call us!)


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