April 2001





April 1 - 5, 2001

Hello all - we're back from the wilds of the Angeles National Forest, and Ernie and I had a good trip to the Cabin. We left Carol and Howard's house mid-morning on Sunday (April Fool's Day), and after a stop at Home Depot and a grocery store, we drove up to the Pack Station. We arrived in a thick fog, but Kim had three donkeys and a mule all saddled up and ready for us. So we unloaded our stuff to be packed in (412 pounds of lumber, cement, propane, groceries) and hiked on in.

The Cabin looked fine. The leaves weren't all that bad, lots of twigs down, though. And not much mouse activity at all inside. Kim arrived with our stuff right after we had lunch, so we helped her unload and then started on chores. Ernie swept the roof and discovered several places that needed patching, which he did. Then he put the water putty on the bad spots on the wash stand outside, while I started raking.

Kim and her helper delivered our lumber and groceries that afternoon.  She went past the Cabin, and then decided to turn the pack string around to unload.  With the lumber sticking out at all angles, the burros soon were entangled and all foot traffic was blocked.  I decided to lend a hand....




  and we get the burros turned around.... 



so Ernie can unload all that lumber, beer, and whiskey...ummm... I mean groceries!



yes, it was a very 'gray' day!!


We woke up to rain Monday morning, although it didn't last all that long. Our main chore on this trip was to pour the footings for the new "underpinnings" in the basement. But first, of course, we had to clear everything out of the basement that was in the way. Since we started on the far upstream side of the basement, this was quite a chore. In fact it took us until lunch just to get enough stuff out and the wood that was in the way re-stacked such that we could work. Then after lunch Ernie dug and formed the footings, while I screened sand and mixed the cement. We had enough cement left over to patch some of the holes in the patio outside the front door.


We woke up to rain again on Tuesday morning, and a harder rain than Monday. So, we decided to put up the underpinnings that we had just poured the footings for, thinking that a least we would be working out of the rain. But, alas, the cement was not firm enough to take that kind of weight. So, taking advantage of a lull in the storm, I screened more sand (a hassle since it was wet) and mixed more cement while Ernie dug and formed another set of footings. Again, we had cement left over for patching more of the holes in the patio. We also raked and managed time for a hike to the falls. There was almost no one in the Canyon after Sunday.


Our meals left quite a bit to be desired. We did have steak and rice-a-roni the first dinner. And a gourmet mac'n'cheese for the second. (The reason I say "gourmet" is that I added tuna and peas.) And it was accompanied by the nice cabernet that Leonard gave us last time we were up. (I sent Leonard a postcard telling how good the wine was, but I did NOT tell him that we had it with mac'n'cheese!) And our meals from then on went pretty much down hill.


And more rain on Wednesday, the most so far. One of the projects we wanted to do - paint the wash stand and enamel the bench in the Potty - we couldn't do because of the rain. So we put everything back in the basement and raked leaves during the breaks in the rain. And a cold rain, too, and we had a fire going all day long!


So on Thursday we cleaned up the Cabin, packed up, and hiked out. Lucky us that it wasn't raining!


Tony and Ernie


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